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Pasadena Schools: Back to school time – Find the school that is right for you.

Pasadena Schools: Back to school time – Find the school that is right for you.

back to school time

Another school year is getting ready to start this Thursday, September 4, 2008 in Pasadena, but being the local Pasadena real estate resource, we’ve been getting a lot of emails about available public schools in Pasadena.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all PUSD (Pasadena Unified School District) schools and their contact information.  PUSD also encompasses Altadena.

Pasadena school boundary maps are available at with a convenient neighborhood school locator available which allows you to key in your Pasadena, Sierra Madre or Altadena address to find your elementary, middle or high school.

The schools below have all participated in the California Standard Tests which are designed to assess student achievement in grades 2 through 11 in a variety of different subject matters including English Language Arts and Math. 

When selecting a Pasadena school, many parents look at the Academic Performance Indesx or API.  It is the cornerstone of the California state accountability  system which measures each individual school’s imporvement.

The top API rated Pasadena Elementary Schools for 2006-2007 are:

  API Score Change in API
Don Benito Elementary School 841 +5
Willard Elementary School 841 -9
Sierra Madre Elementary School 834 +48



Pasadena Unified School District

351 S. Hudson Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91109


Pasadena Unified School District Elementary Schools

Altadena Elementary School

743 E. Calaveras Street

Altadena, CA  91001


Principal: Gregory White

Number of Students:  375

Burbank Elementary School

2046 N. Allen Avenue

Altadena, CA  91001


Principal:  Kelly Lawson

Number of Students:  385

Cleveland Elementary School

524 Palisade Street

Pasadena, CA  91003


Principal:  Dr. Francine Williams

Number of Students:  388

Don Benito Fundamental School

3700 Denair Street

Pasadena, CA  91107

Principal:Victoria E. Rueda

Number of Students:  812

Field Elementary School

3600 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.

Pasadena, CA  91107


Principal:  Ana Maria Apodaca

Number of Students:  356

Franklin Elementary School

527 W. Ventura Street

Altadena, CA  91001


Principal:  Caroline E. Bermudez

Number of Students:  408

Hamilton Elementary School

2089 Rose Villa Street

Pasadena, CA  91007


Principal:  Sarah Rudchenko

Number of Students:  514

Jackson Elementary School

593 W. Woodbury Road

Altadena, CA  91001


Principal:  Rose Ingber

Number of Students:  441

 Jefferson Elementary School

1500 E. Villa Street

Pasadena, CA  91106


Principal:  Jill L. Girod

Number of Students:  639

Loma Alta Elementary School

3544 N. Canon Blvd.

Altadena, CA  91001


Number of Students:  317

Longfellow Elementary School

1065 E. Washington Blvd.

Pasadena, CA  91104


Number of Students: 587

Madison Elementary School

515 Ashtabula Street

Pasadena, CA  91104


Principal:  Sandra M. Macis

Number of Students: 592

McKinley K-8 School

325 South Oak Knoll Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91101


Principal:  Marisa Sarian

Number of Students:  1077

Norma Coombs alternative K-8 School

2600 Paloma Street

Pasadena, CA  91107


Principal:  Vanessa Watkins

Total Students: 576

Roosevelt School

315 North Pasadena Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91103


Principal:  Dr. Kathee Hennigan Bautista

Total Students:  310

San Rafael Elementary School

1090 Nithsdale Road

Pasdena, CA  91103


Principal:  Alyson Beecher

Number of Students:  355

Sierra Madre K-8 School

Lower Grade Campus (PreK – 5)

141 West Highland Avenue

Sierra Madra, CA  91024


Upper Grade Campus (6,7,8)

160 N. Canon

Sierra Madre, CA  91024

Principal:  Gayle Bluemel

Number of Students:  943

Washington Accelerated Elementary School

1520 North Raymond Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91103


Principal:  Karrone M. Meeks-Clark

Number of Students:  778



Principal:  Gayle Bluemel

Number of Students: 943

Webster K-8 School

2101 E. Washington Blvd.

Pasadena, CA  91104


Principal:  Sharon J. Lefler

Number of Students:  575 

Willard Elementary School

301 S. Madre Street

Pasadena, CA  91107


Principal:  Dr. Kathy J. Onoye

Number of Students:  625

Pasadena Unified School District Middle Schools

Eliot Middle School

2184 N. Lake Avenue

Altadena, CA  91001


Principal:  Peter Pannell

Number of Students:  651

Washington Middle School

1505 N. Marengo Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91103


Principal:  Alejandor Ruvalcaba

Number of Students:  550

Wilson International Baccalaureate Middle School

300 South Madre Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91106


Principal:  Ruth Esseln

Number of Students: 713

Other Middle School Programs:

Blair International Baccalaureate Magnet School (7 – 12)

Marshall Fundamental Secondary School (6 – 12)

McKinley K-8 School (K – 8)

Norma Coombs Alternative School (K – 8)

Sierra Madre School Upper Campus (6 – 8)

Webster K – 8  School

Pasadena Unified School District High Schools

Blair International Baccalaureate Magnet School

1201 S Marengo Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91106


Principal:  Rich Boccia

Number of Students:  1205

John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School

990 N. Allen Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91104


Principal:  Steven R. Miller

Number of Students: 1759

John Muir High School

1905 N. Lincoln Avenue

Pasadena, CA  91103


Principal:  Sheryl Orange

Number of Students:  1306

Pasadena High School

2925 E. Sierra Madre Blvd.

Pasadena, CA  91107


Principal:  Dr. Derick Evans

Number of Students: 2307

Please visit my Pasadena Resource Guide for restaurants, museums and additional Pasadena city information.

Update:  September 4, 2008 Academic Performance Index (API) Scores have been posted for Pasadena Unfified School District.  The API is a single number, ranging from a low of 200 to a high of 1000, that reflects a school’s performance level, based on the results of statewide testing.


District                                           API






PASADENA UNIFIED 720 707 D 13        
Elementary Schools
  Altadena Elementary 717 668 7 49        
  Aveson School of Leaders 871 B B B        
  Burbank Elementary 739 783 5 -44        
  Cleveland Elementary 758 756 5 2        
  Daniel Webster 749 777 5 -28        
  Don Benito Fundamental 840 846 A -6        
  Field (Eugene) Elementary 782 776 5 6        
  Franklin Elementary 806 760 5 46        
  Hamilton Elementary 842 829 A 13        
  Jackson Elementary 718 719 5 -1        
  Jefferson Elementary 725 709 5 16        
  Loma Alta Elementary 736 724 5 12        
  Longfellow (Henry W.) Elementary 780 775 5 5        
  Madison Elementary 709 726 5 -17        
  McKinley 783 788 5 -5        
  Norma Coombs Alternative 812 820 A -8        
  Roosevelt Elementary 763 747 5 16        
  San Rafael Elementary 702 706 5 -4        
  Sierra Madre Elementary 870 840 A 30        
  Washington Accelerated Elementary 779 741 5 38        
  Willard Elementary 842 836 A 6        
Middle Schools
  Aveson Global Leadership Academy 788 B B B        
  Charles W. Eliot Middle 614 630 9 -16        
  Washington Middle 599 630 9 -31        
  Woodrow Wilson Middle 683 673 6 10        
High Schools
  Blair High 650 640 8 10        
  John Muir High 601 569 12 32        
  Marshall Fundamental 731 723 5 8        
  Pasadena High 713 704 5 9        

Information gathered from PUSD School Guide Open Enrollment Brochure and Application for 2008-2009 school year.

Posted on September 1st, 2008
Posted in Pasadena
Posted by: Irina Netchaev

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A Home in a Box

A Home in a Box

Pasadena Craftsman

I was just reading Petrea Burchard’s post about a Pasadena bungalow that she photographed and was reflecting on the fascination that many of us have over these beautiful bungalows that make Pasadena so special.

What draws us to these homes?  Is it because they were so affordable and yet so beautiful?  Most of the homes in the Bungalow Heaven historic landmark district literally came out of the box.  In the early 1900s, you could buy a bungalow kit from Sears Roebuck if you lived on the East coast or on the West coast from The Ready Cut Bungalow Company.  These bungalow kit homes were priced from as little as $650.  Of course, the owners needed to throw in an extra $150 towards plumbing fixtures and a lot of sweat labor.

Or, is it because a lot of these Pasadena bungalows, also known as, California Bungalows, were built in the early 1900 when the Pasadena population was growing at an enormously fast rate?  Pasadena’s Bungalow Heaven saw its population quadruple to 45,000 in 1920 from 10,000 in 1900.

I think that our love for the Pasadena bungalow is simply due to the simplicity and beauty of the bungalows design – kit or no kit.

So what is a Bungalow kit home?

Rosemary Thornton, co-author of the book about kit houses answers:


“Kit homes were sold via mail order catalogs and shipped to the wanna-be homeowner in about 10,000 pieces. These complex do-it-yourself kits came with a 75-page instruction book that told you how all those pieces went together. Kit home companies promised that a man “of average abilities” could build his own kit home in about 30-90 days.”


Can you imagine ordering your home on-line and then having to go through a 75-page manual and 10,000 separate pieces to put it together?  To me, that is a monumental achievement! 

So maybe, it’s not only the charm of these Pasadena bungalows that have us enthralled, but the love and strength that it took to build them, to achieve that ultimate dream – a dream of homeownership, that keeps us in awe.

PS The photo above is a home on Holliston Avenue in Historic Highlands.  It is not a kit box house.  I just think it is one of the more beautiful craftsman homes in Pasadena.  I’ve taken the liberty to post it here.  I will be posting photos of California Bungalow homes in this post later. 

Posted on August 26th, 2008
Posted in Pasadena
Posted by: Irina Netchaev

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